Tunicate colonies of Didemnum, overgrowing the fronds of dark green algae.

This picture is taken at low tide, about 11 feet deep in water.
U.S. Geological Survey/photo by Dann Blackwood (USGS), 2003
To me, tidepools are very amazing and beautiful. So interesting as well, if you have the time to stop and really look around a bit. There are creatures that live there that don't really do as well anywhere else in the world. They would die if removed from a their home in the tide pool location.

I guess my love and fondness for tidepools began as a child, when my father would take me to them. We had one favorite spot, in Coronoa Del Mar in Southern California, Orange county area. Other times we could go up the coastline in California, say on our way to Solvang to see other beaches and tidepools. I have a photo of my father and I at the tidepools when I was a little girl, that I had never seen before. This is a favorite picture of mine now, as he passed just this year. So some of my favorite memories are from there.

There are some cautions one wants to take when going there, both for oneself and for the creatures and plant life that live there. Number one, don't go too far out, on the rocks or get yourself stuck in any areas where the tide may go in or out quickly. Often, especially after stormy weather, the waves can be unpredictable as well. These rocks can be very deadly and sharp in areas. You don't want to fall or get crashed into them if you can help it. Also, never ever ever take a shell or animal or plant life from a tide pool area. This can actually hurt the whole eco system there, believe it or not. People aren't just saying that to be strict or spoil the fun. There is a very delicate balance going on between the plants and animals and organisms there. If you leave it alone, it will be there for the next people as well to enjoy. To not do so, may play a part in the future destruction of said eco systems.

From sea anenomes, to hermit crabs, to plants, to little crawling crabs, sea stars or urchins, we can learn so much. Its a magical world to me. I love everything about it, the sounds and sites and joy from climbing on the rocks and exploring.

Make some time to visit a tide pool one day, you will be glad you did. Low tide is best of course and can be easily looked up online for whatever area you are going to. Tides change, find out when its low and you will see some neat things.

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